Aquaponics is the combination of fish farming (aquaculture) and soil-less vegetable growing (hydroponics).
An ideal system for intensive food production in small spaces in the city.
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Aquaponics as an example of a sustainable and holistic perspective or Is this the making of a sewage revolution?
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Aquaponics projects at my home, and possibilities for your city backyard, or the eco-conscious office building.
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Green roofs


Why Green Roofs are a part of Sustainable City Development
A city is an ecosystem, but an ecosystem without plants is in unbalance, with regards to temperatures and water balance. Compared to nature, a temperate region city is more ...

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Greenery in the city gives other positive side effects.
Particles get filtered out of the air by leaves, instead of sticking in our lungs. Soft, planted surfaces, will not echo the traffic noise as much as hard surfaces will. And in addition to that, studies have shown that the noise level that humans’ ears experience will feel lower, when we see plants, than when we see human-made structures or vehicles.

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