Greenery in the
city gives other
positive side effects.

Greenery in the city gives other positive side effects. Particles get filtered out of the air by leaves, instead of sticking in our lungs. Soft, planted surfaces, will not echo the traffic noise as much as hard surfaces will. And in addition to that, studies have shown that the noise level that humans’ ears experience will feel lower, when we see plants, than when we see human-made structures or vehicles.

This is one of the psychological effects of green environments on humans’ health, but there are more! We know from research, that sick people in hospitals will get well faster, and use less medicines, if they can see a green, living environment from their window, compared to if they see a more bare city landscape. If the patients also have a chance to go out in the park, or green space, the effects are even bigger. And if they get to dig, plant, sow and tend a garden – the effects are almost miraculous!

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