Green roof garden, Augustenborg, Malmö

Here you can see different kinds of green roofs and learn how and why the green roof improves the environment.




Eco city Augustenborg Malmö

A famous restored housing area with many interesting sustainable solutions

I always make a tour adapted for the groups wishes, so it can focus on different things.


This is an example of content: •The history of the 60 year old housing area Augustenborg, and the process of turning it into an eco city. Comparison between renovating and building new for sustainability.
•Green roofs, their benefits for the building and the environment, as well as the technical details of building a green roof. Visit to the botanical roof garden.
•Augustenborgs famous open storm water system, and how it relieves Augustenborg, and downstream areas of flooding during heavy rains.


  •The social changes in the renovated area, and how the inhabitants have participated.
•Energy savings and energy
production in the area.

  •Waste recycling, transport issues,
  urban farming, sustainable buildings,
  and more.


  •What we have learnt,
  both good and bad experiences.


Open storm water system in
Augustenborg Malmö

Look at and listen to interesting facts about the innovative and beautifull rainwater systems.





Western Harbour, Malmö

A modern housing area with
modern techniques for sustainable living.

  Green roof garden of Emporia, Hyllievång Malmö
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