november 2011

Emporia Roof Landscape In Malmö

The Öresund bridge has sparked the creation of a new city centre in southern Malmö around the new train station in Hyllie.

Several of the new buildings coming up there will have green roofs, as the City of Malmö has high environmental ambitions. The most spectacular of them all will be the shopping centre Emporia.

The architect Gert Wingårdh has designed this eye-catching building with its curved glass entries – and roof landscape.

When Rome was built on seven hills, Emporia is built underneath seven hills. Open to all visitors, both from entries inside the shopping centre, and from the street outside, the roof garden will be something out of the ordinary, with up to 5 metres-high hills. Between them are walkways and places to bask in the sun. There is a lookout tower from which you see Malmö, the landscape of southern Skåne, the Öresund, and Denmark beyond.

The vegetation will range from harsh heath to lush plantings and lawns, with a special attention to biological diversity, as well as aesthetics. It is a beautiful example of nature meets architecture.

This roof landscape is so unique and complicated that I have been hired as a consultant to lead the building of the greenery, which all in all takes more than a year to complete.

On the 25th of October 2012, Emporia and its roof will be open to the public.




    Under construction, this is the first corner, completed in the autumn of 2011.
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